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Shenzhen Hong Lixing Automation Equipment Accessories Co.,Ltd

We always firmly believe that: today's quality, tomorrow's hope. We insist on using the world's best DuPont materials. We are domestic and foreign machinery industry, beverage, food, electronics industry and so on

Well-known enterprises and processing all kinds of plastic flat-top chain plate, stainless steel chain plate, the module network with, conveyor, machinery parts and other products.



Customers through the network or other channels to find us, our business people will follow up in a timely manner, to communicate with customers...

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Our pricing department will receive the precision machining of spare parts drawings for a unified price accounting, and then by the business sector to produce quotations in the customer...

After sale

In addition to the company's traditional 24-hour free telephone consultation, but also to provide you with a more convenient and perfect mechanical processing technology online consultation...