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Understand the chain plate delivery

Date:2017-06-08 15:42:54     View:

1 conveyor chain plate common specifications and features
Conveyor chain plate is an indispensable product of the automation equipment machinery industry, which is widely used in beverage bottle conveyor line body. According to the pitch of the conveyor chain plate can be divided into unreasonable models and types, the material used to manufacture the conveyor chain plate are generally used POM steel and stainless steel plate, the specific standard width of the conveyor chain 63.5 / 76.2 / 82.6 /88.9/101.6/114.3/127/152.4/190.5/254/304.8.
2 Conveyor chain concept
Conveyor chain plate is a unique anti-corrosion treatment, the general will be based on anti-corrosion treatment is divided into two kinds of boiled black and galvanized, and according to the needs of users can freely choose to make the conveyor chain plate material and width, according to the conveyor chain The shape of the board can complete the work of the plane output in the industry, but also to complete the use of plane turning and lifting requirements.
3 specifications of the conveyor chain plate
The current use of the conveyor chain is related to a lot of range, in the food industry canned and beverage production is the need to transport chain plate help, and other industries are related to the cosmetics and washing and paper products and other industries , Whether it is seasoning or some of the packaging and distribution of tobacco, etc., are the need to use the conveyor chain plate.
4 conveyor chain features
In use, the characteristics of the conveyor chain plate is very obvious, and in the transmission, the conveyor chain plate surface is very smooth. And the transmission time, the friction is relatively small, so the items in the transport chain plate when the transport is very smooth, whether it is glass bottles or some other bottles and jars, can be a smooth arrival.
There are many materials for the conveyor chain plate, whether it is some stainless steel or engineering plastics, etc., because the variety is more, so according to the delivery method can be divided into many requirements, but to try to meet a variety of industries and areas of demand. After use, the conveyor chain plate cleaning work is also very convenient, even if there are some stains, put a bubble inside the water can also be removed.