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Chain plate seven characteristics

Date:2017-06-08 15:44:24     View:

Many manufacturers are now can not be separated from the conveyor chain plate, it can save a lot of labor, but also improve the efficiency, so Xiaobian think it is necessary to tell you simply under the product. It is based on the specific requirements of customers to determine the width and length, different shapes, the production of materials are generally carbon steel and stainless steel plate, very strong, anti-corrosion performance is also better, the following Xiaobian also talk about its characteristics.

1, the surface of the conveyor chain plate is relatively smooth and smooth, the friction is very small, so the process of transport will be very smooth, like glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, etc. These need to be very good things to transport, luggage These are also possible.
2, the conveyor chain plate a lot of material, there are stainless steel, engineering plastics, and so a lot of materials, specifications are more, according to the different requirements of different customers, custom different specifications. Because the material is not the same delivery, specifications are different, glass bottles and fruit is certainly not the same.
3, its delivery capacity is very large, can carry the weight is relatively large, even electric cars, motorcycles, generators and so on the industry will also be used.
4, the effect of good delivery, speed and accuracy are very stable, you can ensure accurate synchronous delivery, which is very cattle that point.
5, there is the best point is dirty can be washed with water, can be directly into the bubble, this can not achieve a lot of equipment, especially the video processing industry, high health requirements, this point can be fully satisfied.
6, the layout of the equipment is very flexible, whether it is want to transport to the height, or want to transport low, or horizontal delivery, even the turn of the delivery, can be achieved, so the design is very user-friendly, not Do not admire the wisdom of the designer.
7, the structure of the conveyor chain is relatively simple, maintenance is also very convenient.
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