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Maintenance and maintenance of conveyor chain plate

Date:2017-06-08 15:44:57     View:

3 conveyor chain plate maintenance and maintenance rules
The life of each thing with its maintenance and maintenance is very important, long-term exposure in the sun under the conveyor chain with a careful maintenance is certainly not the same, so we have to carefully maintenance, the only way we can accompany our long-term Go on.
1, do a good job of inspection and lubrication work, do the lubrication of the conveyor is very conducive to its work. So maintenance and maintenance personnel need to set up around the channel, platform, railings and so many of the tools can be used, with a more spacious space, easy to check the hole, and plenty of light, dry environment is more convenient.
2, start and stop, start the conveyor chain plate, be sure to ensure that there is no thing above, is no load. Because in the load, it is necessary to increase the strain of the equipment, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of broken or broken. When stopping the movement, sometimes the load must be the case, the need to use the transfer device, so you can prevent the direction of movement accumulation.
3, carrying capacity, size size, must be in the design range, this point must be strictly enforced. If the size is not allowed, you can set a funnel. The weight can not be overloaded, its carrying weight is related to the speed, different weight of things have to adjust the different speed.
4, the installation of overload protection, even if very careful, and sometimes there will be blocked, it is easy to lead to rupture, so to add this thing, but after the regular inspection, it is best once a month.
5, the conveyor chain plate is also a seasonal, with a very busy conveyor, and sometimes idle when not. So when we do not have to protect, you need to disassemble, clean, put on the oil, well preserved. If not demolished, it takes a short time to let it operate and ensure its flexibility.
6, spare parts to have inventory, and sometimes urgent use can be used in particular, so you can improve work efficiency, but also how much money can not spend.