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Method of Failure of Decelerator Chain Conveyor

Date:2017-06-08 15:45:14     View:

Reduce the link plate conveyor failure method
Chain plate conveyor type is very much, there is a fault is also the inevitable thing for each machine, the cause of the failure is also very much, but we can from the following aspects to reduce the transmission chain failure.
1, choose the conveyor chain plate
At the time of purchase, according to the transport conditions to choose the appropriate chain plate conveyor, and then select the appropriate conveyor chain plate components. We can according to their actual experience, choose a good reputation, in line with the relevant quality standards of products. Mainly to see the conveyor chain plate, material, strength, elongation and so on.
2, assembled transmission chain plate
Transport conveyor plate must be sent to find professional assembly, in strict accordance with the requirements of the assembly, which can reduce wear and tear, can extend the life.
3, chain plate conveyor slot lay in place
If the laying of the rugged, not only can make the transmission chain resistance more large, but also different levels of damage to parts, so to lay the relatively flat.
4, transfer the progress of the chain to be appropriate
The easiest way to check the tightness of the conveyor chain is the conveyor chain of the jog drive, and when more than two need to be removed. Conveyor chain plate to work the first two weeks, be sure to pay close attention to the conveyor conveyor chain plate.
5, the daily maintenance to do a good job
Such as the discovery of problems, timely solution, so this requires the staff must always check the conveyor chain plate. There are deformation or wear and tear in a timely manner, requiring parts to have enough inventory, can not be no spare. Timely adjustment of the progress of the chain, you need to accurately grasp the tightness of the conveyor chain plate. Often clean up the body and the machine foreign body treatment, usually love our machine, naturally they will treat us. Rigorous overload, this is a rigid requirement.