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Chain conveyor
0755-21637806  Welcome For Calling 点击这里给我发消息  Can be customized according to the customer product type and requirements, if you need more details  Stainless Steel Chain Plate Conveyor / Plastic Chain Plate Conveyor / Straight Chain Plate Conveyor / Conveyor Chain Conveyor / Chain Plate Conveyor Custom / Small Chain Plate Conveyor / Heavy Chain Chain Conveyor / Beverage Plate Chain Conveyor / Chain Plate Conveyor Line / Can Chain Chain Conveyor / Chain Plate Conveyor / Plate Chain Conveyor / Panel Conveyor / Beverage Chain Plate Conveyor Product information, solutions and quotes, please contact the online customer service, we will provide you with the best service.
1, this product can be customized according to different product or workpiece size, according to customer demand non-standard delivery methods, belt width, conveyor length, etc..
2, chain conveyor mainly used in a variety of beverage, food industry, can effectively improve the work space and protect the appearance of products. The use of continuous conveyor belt or intermittent motion to transport all kinds of goods, transport unit does not exceed fifty kilograms of goods, for drinks, canned food, edible oil and other container transport.
3, fuselage structure material: 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel.
4, chain plate material: POM, plastic steel, stainless steel, 2CR13 stainless iron. In addition to the transport of ordinary materials, but also to meet the oil, corrosion resistance, and other special requirements of the delivery of materials, the use of special standard width plate, can meet all kinds of food and beverage transportation requirements.
5, conveying speed and drive mode: speed motor drive, variable frequency motor drive.
6, the company's homegrown products, affordable, adhere to the quality and service first, to provide products of all kinds of technical advice, to provide a superior purchasing platform for our customers.

Chain conveyor

Chain plate conveyor

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